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I've worked through algorithm changes from Google that's changed the internet landscape and how Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels have changed the game for everyone. I think outside the box, There are essential things you do to built success online, but there also are unique white hat ways to create even more success online.


Working with the Godfather of the internet is intimidating. What to do and not do can feel overwhelming. I've worked with local businesses & e-commerce sites generating millions in revenue. I can help you

Paid Advertising

You can pay for results, but many pay too much with little success. I can help optimize your success to garner results with a better ROI

Social Media

Social Media is vital for businesses online today. There are ways to do it that aren't spammy and bring value to your followers and money in your pocket.

What My Clients Say

You don't have to take my word for it:
Dr. Sergio Guzman

Dr. Sergio Guzman

Business Owner

"Wow! Jordan helped make our cost per patient dropped below $100! We spent near $700 last year! We've grown organically so much we no longer find PPC as a valuable option."

Die Hard Dice

Die Hard Dice


"My business was staying fairly steady with orders coming in daily. Steadiness was great but we wanted to grow. I had some marketing dollars to spend but didn't know where to put it. Jordan guided me and I've now had more sales than I could almost handle!"

Christopher Capps

Christopher Capps


"Jordan always has fresh ideas and thinks of things in ways I never would have. If it has anything to do with internet marketing I reach out to him first!"

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