Man it has been a long time since i actually have been on here and posted something. I don’t know really if there are a lot of people that are actually checking out this site but i wanted to just let you know that I am still alive and will try to be more adamant about posting content on here.  Letting you know what I am up to and how things are going.

I am really excited to talk about a lot of the great things that are going on. I will be moving into a really nice condo in the next week or so which I can’t wait until that finally happens. I will have to for sure post pictures on here and let you all see the awesomeness that is my condo.  I will be having some great roomies to chill with and it is going to be a rockin good time!

Not much else to report at this time, but just wanted to put some kind of status on here and let people know that I am still alive and well.  I still am working at Boostability and doing SEO work for different clients across the world.  I might start posting some information on here about what exactly SEO is just so you can get a better understanding of it. I hope it will at least be informative for those that may not understand all that I do. Yeah it is pretty geeky but it’s a lot of fun and I really do enjoy working there. I learn a lot.

Well I must go. Have family festivities for the 4th of July to celebrate with my family. Cheers!

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