Understanding How Google Search Works

What are the secrets of Google? How does one game the search engines in order to get your website up on the top of your search results? So say if I wanted to be on the top of the Google for SEO Guru Utah? What would I have to do to beat out everyone else? Well there are tactics that you can use that will give me a short term result, but in the long run is not going to benefit me. There are a lot of people that will try and get to to practice the “Black Hat” methods of altering search results, and it is not going to be of great help to you. I promise that in the long run you will regret following any of those practices. What you need to do is follow the tried and true methods that all SEO marketers practice. Quality content and links. It is how it always has been and it is going to be the greatest benefit for you.

Now one thing that a lot of people who have want to get a start in doing SEO will want to understand exactly how a search engine works. Not just for the education, but also for the understanding of what their mission is and what it is that they want to accomplish for their visitors. Matt Cutts is at it again with another great video that is very good at explaining what happens in a very short amount of time. It to me is really interesting, and I hope that you find it as engaging as I did when I first watched it.

So I hope that made sense. There may have been some things that he talks about that might be a little over your head, and if so please post in the comments anything that you would like a better understanding of. I love teaching about SEO so if there is anything I can help clarify then I would be happy to give you some more information. Post your comment here or write me an email.

3 Second Rule, How long can you last?

Recently I stumbled upon a music video by a Texan woman by the name of Lisa Gail.  Probably this is one of the worst music videos I have ever seen. I suffered through the whole thing, but man it was painful.  The idea is great, concept wise, but the execution was terrible.  You may want to see this with a buddy just so you aren’t going to have to suffer through this all alone.

How long did you last until you had to look away or pause the video? I was about a minute and 45 second in before I kept the video running and checked another web page just so I didn’t have to feel awkward watching it.

Now in regards to SEO does this apply to anything? Honestly not really, unless you consider this to be a viral video that starts to go out and become awkward for the masses.  We will see what happens as the days progress and this starts to expand more and more out on the internet.  Just be sure that you let all of your friends know that you saw it first here on my website 🙂 Cheers everyone!

Keyword Rankings, and Choosing Your Keywords

Here is another video that I did for work talking about choosing your keywords.  The tool that I am using to show different amounts of traffic is the Adwords Keyword Tool which can be found here

It is what the industry uses when wanting to do keyword research and finding what people are searching for. Keep in mind though that the numbers that you see as the amount of searches is not going to be 100% accurate, but will help give you a good idea of what the range is in searches.  So here is the video:


Now, also keep in mind that there are a few different types of keywords that Google uses.  There are Broad, Exact, and Phrase.  The default you get for normal search results is going to be Broad.  This means that they keyword is going to be within the context of a search, so “apartments in Salt Lake City” is a broad search term where the keywords are close to each other. An Exact is “apartments Salt Lake City” so it is exactly how it’s typed. Then Phrase is “apartments that are within Salt Lake City area” so they keywords are withing the phrase of the search.  Most of the time I like to search for the Exact match so that I can get a good idea of what that specific keyword term is like. Others may have a different preference.

Also where I am showing the “competition” section, that is the competition that you are seeing for the Adwords.  That isn’t always going to give you a good indication of how competitive that keyword is in the Organic search results, but can be worth considering as well.  A good way of finding how competitive a term is is to look at the sites that are within that Organic search result. Is there a Wikipedia page, or some other more authoritative site? That can tell you it might be harder to rank, but is not impossible.  If you can use a tool to see how many links or leading towards a site, such as “SEO Quake,” then you can get a better feel of what amount of links you need to get leading to your site.

Of course if you have any questions about anything that I’m talking about please let me know. I’d be happy to answer any questions that you have and help you know what would be best for your website!

Google + Gets a Facelift

As of Novemberish of last year, there has been a new social network out on the internet called Google +.  This is kind of a new venture for Google, but not really that new for them. Buzz was one of their first attempts at creating a sort of social network where people could write and talk about things that they were interested in, but it didn’t really seem to catch on that well.  Working to build a connection with Facebook was a failed effort, and then loosing their information from Twitter was kind of a let down as well.

So Larry Page took the reigns and started to see that a lot of the trends and changes of the internet were happening in the social media arena.  With almost 1 Billion people on Facebook you can kind of get the idea that it has made a huge impact.  But with Facebook now being in bed with Bing there was the problem that they weren’t going to be able to get all of that data, likes, and links that people were sharing with each other. Larry’s solution was for Google to create their own social network. I mean when you have the backing of one of the biggest companies in the world, it seems like a very possible thing to accomplish. Along with the fact that most everyone that uses the internet has a gmail account, or watched a video on youtube, or if you are a webmaster have a connection to Google Analytics.

So the push began, it was a little small at first, and it was a very exclusive club for you to get onto Google +, and businesses didn’t even have a presence at the beginning.  Slowly as time went on though more and more people started to sign up.  Now as far as we know there are over 100 million people that have an account. Do we know how much they are using it? No, and to be honest I haven’t really touched my Google + profile as much as I use Facebook.  Things may change though from the recent changes they have made.

In this video you can see some of the changes that they have made to the layout:

Google has pushed to revamp their design and layout. Make it more modern and simple. And that is where a lot of things are moving towards. I mean look at how simple it is to post a picture on Pinterest. Basically it’s just a few clicks and you are done.

With this new simpler approach I might start using my Google + more, branching out my network and getting more people following what I’m writing here. Good for SEO and just nice to have more of a presence.

Keyword Values

This is a video that I presented for work, helping people to better understand where the most valuable places to put a keyword are in a document, or blog post.


It really is true that there are those three main areas that you will want to make sure that your keywords are in.  You don’t want to overdo it though.  There recently was a talk from Matt Cutts talking about people who will over optimize their keywords within their content. He said that they are working on a chance within their algorithm which will devalue sites that are over optimized that have a keyword put into everything way too much. Or just have a lot of work done to it in a very short amount of time. So you want to be sure that when you are optimizing your site that you play it smart and be sure to put it within the areas it needs to be, and not over do it.

Of course if there are any questions or things you are curious about this for sure let me know. I will see if i can find an excerpt from where Matt is talking about this change, and put it here in this post.