A couple of months ago I was a little down in the dumps. Spending some time trying to look for another job because my job at the time just wasn’t fully doing it for me. I loved working with the people there, I felt I was learning a lot and I was also starting to make a name for myself on the company blog.  But I just wasn’t as excited to go into work anymore. I was struggling to get up in the morning and it was not that easy to put in my full 100%.

A friend of mine knew of my situation and started to show me a few listings of companies looking for SEO experts. I started to apply and interviewed at a few places, but didn’t feel like I was really getting anywhere. Then randomly he sent me an add from a local news website about a company that was looking for an SEO Specialist to help their clients out. The name of the company was Property Solutions. I found out a friend of mine worked there and started to ask her about the company. I learned what they did, and how their work environment was like.

She told me that Property Solutions is a company that helps property owners with their separate property websites. So those that own apartments or condo’s can have a great website and an option for their tenants to pay their rent online, report repairs or problems that they have, etc.  It seemed like an interesting prospect, and so I applied. Within a week I was offered a job and I accepted. It since then has been a great ride and something I have really been appreciative of my friend letting me know about it.

Something that was on their billboard on I-15 that was their tagline for hiring people was “Make Mom Proud!” I am happy to say that I have and will be continuing to work hard to make my mom proud of me and also those that I work for 🙂

A little bit ago they actually put on a huge event here in Utah. The largest Dodgeball game ever! Pretty freaking cool if you ask me. Here are some highlights of what they pulled off in 6 weeks time and only 5 people! Pretty amazing I must say:

Oh and PS, if you are interesting in applying you can head over to this page here and let them know that you heard about the job from me 😉

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