So this is a video that is of the local flavor for me.  The man who produced and also directed, and whatever else you can think of is in this music video. His name is Stephen Groo and considers himself to be one of the greatest directors of all time.  He has invested the majority of his life trying to make films and as you can see in this video……you will see how well his efforts have been.

Great right?

Well I have been following this guy for a number of years and his videos seem to get more and more interesting as time progresses.  This may be in the same vein as the other video I shared earlier where it just gets awkward and you wonder what he was thinking of doing to put his time and effort into this kind of venture.  I’ll leave it at that and let you all process this clip. Let me know your thoughts and opinions below on if you think this is really that great of a music video or not.

How to Get Google To Notice You

Well there have been a lot of questions from friends of mine on how to get a lot more attention drawn to them when they have a website that is maybe not as popular or ranking as well as you might want.  That can be a very hard thing to figure out. Also it can seem a little overwhelming as well. You probably know that there are a lot of SEO Guru’s that might say they know the exact way to game the system and get you ranked faster and all of that.

If they say that they are going to get you ranked faster, or that they can guarantee that you will be listed on the top of Google’s search, then you need to run away. It’s a red flag that not many consider or think about.  There really is no way that you can guarantee that you will be at the top of the rankings, unless you are going for a PPC campaign which is going to cost you a lot of money.

Recently Google has started to release videos from their webmaster center and gave some great tips that I try and tell my clients all the time. Here is the video:

See? Even Google is telling you that you should not try and rank for the search engines, what you want to do is make it engaging for the people that are coming to your site. Make it interesting for them, and you are going to rank well. The more people are working towards appealing to their customers the better you are going to be in the listings.  Also you need to keep a blog. Bringing in fresh new content is going to help rank you so much more than just having links built to your site.

It is what I am trying to do here on my site, and I know that it is going to slowly bring more potential clients to my site to learn more about SEO and how to get better rankings and increase their sales.

As always if you have questions please let me know down in the comments. I am happy to help in anyway that I can and also to give you more information on how to have a good SEO campaign. Thanks guys!

Isagenix Cleanse is over

So my cleanse is over. It was really hard at the end, and I think that it takes a lot of willpower for people to stick to this cleanse.  I know that I am a foodie, and really love to eat food, try different foods, and eat different things all the time, and for me this was not easy.  Especially the cleanse days. Those days you just have water to drink and then take the cleanse powder, or drink 4 times within that day. You also do that two days in a row. So for two days basically you don’t eat anything at all.  It is not easy…..and I’ll be honest, I almost caved and had something to eat because I just was so hungry.

I did it though, and if you really want to make a difference in your weight this might be the route to go.  Also I did find it interesting that the protein shake that Isagenix offers is about the same as the protein shake that I had been taken previously which only cost me about 20 bucks or so and lasted me two weeks.  So for those that may think that Isagenix is going to be too expensive for them, you might want to go for a different protein shake and then still you can take the Isacleanse powder.

All in all I believe that I lost about 8 lbs or so, and I know that half of those pounds was more than likely water weight, but there is a difference that I have noticed with the pants that I’m wearing and I do have more energy. There was benefit from this, but is probably not going to be something that I will do again. I think what I want to do instead is to work more on eating healthier, drinking more water, and also working towards exercising more. I know that weight training is something that I want to get back in to again. All in all the best and most productive way to get better weight loss and to get toned is to eat healthier and work out. It’s as simple as that. That is what is going to make the most difference.

If you are still interested in Isagenix or wanting to learn more let me know. I don’t know a ton but have others who are huge fans of the cleanse. It can be a good kick starter for you. For sure something at least worth looking into.

Scheduled posting on Facebook

A lot of my clients are building Facebook pages, and that is really a need these days. Social media integration is something that all businesses need to consider if they are wanting to increase trust and presence on and offline. So that is me basically saying if you haven’t started a Facebook page, and a Google + page then you better get on it!

So one of the features that has been frustrating for some, is the lack of being able to schedule posts onto a Facebook page, and not have to stress about it.  This feature is why Hootsuite has been so successful, and other programs like it.  If you haven’t heard of this tool before let me give you a quick rundown.

Hootsuite is a tool that allows you to connect all of your social media accounts into one place.  You can then schedule out various posts and status updates within their system and these updates will then be posted automatically for you.  You can also post images and video which makes your posts more engaging and interesting.  Cool eh? One other nice thing is if you are a single entity their basic account is free! So head over to their site and check them out if you are interested.

Now, one thing though that is interesting is that in the last few weeks Facebook has rolled out this feature within your page itself! Which can be very handy if you are in a rush, or are not wanting to mess with some other program like Hootsuite that you just don’t have time for.  So now, what is great is how you can post updates weeks in advance, or in the past, to keep your fans updated on what kinds of things are going on in your company, etc.

It’s fairly simple to use as you can see in this picture:

Simple eh? I know! It’s great! and gets me excited! As always let me know if you have questions or thoughts. They are always appreciated!