Just in the last few days we have posted a small introduction to Google+ and Google +1.  Two brand new items that are going to have a major impact on search rankings and what we are going to be finding online.  I have been discussing each of these new products with a few friends and a lot of them seem to be confusing one for the other, or thinking that they are the same product.  Let me help all of us and explain the differences between the two. They coincide, but are rather different.

First I’ll start off with Google +1, since I just recently posted information about it.  Google has decided to bring in a social factor into your search. This is +1. Each time that you search, your results will have the +1 button to the side of them. Just like Facebook, you can let your friends and family know what websites you “like.” Google will keep a tab of how many +1’s have been put on each site, and if you and a bunch of friends all like a specific site, it will rank higher for you than other sites you don’t have interest in.

As a business owner, you more than likely will want to know how this is affecting your search volume and conversions. What’s great is that Google is completely aware of this and has already implemented +1 into their webmaster tools. Here is the official blog post about Google +1 in analytics. It really is exciting to take a look and see the difference adding this small feature to your site can do. It is all about building trust online and Google +1 is a great way to add trust for your business/brand.

Google+ is Google’s direct competition to Facebook. It’s a brand new social media platform for you to stay in touch with everyone you know. David DeMille wrote a great post about the amazing things that are about to come for local businesses to promote their companies and obtain a better online strategy. Google+ is in a very infant stage, but is already gaining a following that grows more and more each day. In my honest opinion it isn’t as great as Facebook yet, but it has the potential to be just as good, if not better. If you are someone who enjoys the social aspect of the internet, I highly suggest you checking it out. Here is where you can sign up for Google + and play around with it  yourself.

I hope this gives you a better definition of each of these new features and I highly suggest you starting now to get +1 put onto your website in order to build up your authority and validity online.

Source: http://www.boostability.com/blog/are-google-and-1-the-same-thing/

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