Recently I stumbled upon a music video by a Texan woman by the name of Lisa Gail.  Probably this is one of the worst music videos I have ever seen. I suffered through the whole thing, but man it was painful.  The idea is great, concept wise, but the execution was terrible.  You may want to see this with a buddy just so you aren’t going to have to suffer through this all alone.

How long did you last until you had to look away or pause the video? I was about a minute and 45 second in before I kept the video running and checked another web page just so I didn’t have to feel awkward watching it.

Now in regards to SEO does this apply to anything? Honestly not really, unless you consider this to be a viral video that starts to go out and become awkward for the masses.  We will see what happens as the days progress and this starts to expand more and more out on the internet.  Just be sure that you let all of your friends know that you saw it first here on my website 🙂 Cheers everyone!

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rob · May 2, 2012 at 3:18 pm

Not only is the music video horrible her singing is even worse! Not to mention the music sounds like every instrument is synthesized. For the record, I lasted about 23 seconds because that’s when the singing started.

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