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Well a small journey has started for me. I have started a nutritional cleanse using the Isagenix system.  This is a cleanse that a friend of mine has used, and his mom also used. She actually has lost over 100 lbs on the program and I thought I might as well give it a shot and see what happens.

Thus far I have been through the first 5 days. This is a 9 day cleanse, but technically you spend 12 days within this cleanse.  It is a cleanse that is supposed to take out all of the toxins that are within your body and then help you to achieve a much cleaner life, more energy, and one of the side benefits is weight loss.

To me though this something that a lot of people would sign up for, the weight loss that is, and that is what I signed up for. As this moment I am about 5 lbs lighter than I was when I started. So the process is ongoing and we will have to see what happens as the cleanse continues to progress.

The hardest part for me was the two day cleanse that was basically the beginning of this cleanse after the pre-cleanse days. What it entails is 2 full days where you are drinking water non-stop along with 4 cleanse drinks. These cleanse drinks are offered in a powder or liquid form. I went with the powder so I could mix it myself.

Wow those two days were super hard. It was so hard to not eat food. I was tempted from the get-go with tasty food at work, popcorn at a movie i went to see, and some tasty homemade pizza that my mom had made for dinner that night as I was coming over to visit.  It takes a lot of willpower to stick with this diet, and there may be some that can feel like they can’t handle it at all.

The other days are protein shake days. These involve 2 meals replaced by protein shakes and a regular meal around 400 or so calories for lunch.  Also you are asked to take a natural accelerator pill and also you are given snacks that you can have to help with hunger in between meals. So the regular days aren’t that bad compared to the cleanse days.

From what I understand there is another day of cleansing later near the end of the 12 days, but it shouldn’t be as bad since it is only one day rather than 2. I will for sure keep you guys up to date here on how I’m doing. Also if you have any questions or concerns about the diet or are interested in trying it out for yourself I’d be happy to assist you. You can check out all of their products over at my store

Being a part of this program makes you a reseller, and some see it as an MLM, and I don’t want to become a part of this thing. Just know that I have a website where you can buy a cleanse system and if you buy it from me I get a commission and that is kind of cool. I also can direct you to others that have been through the same cleanse or system.  Which is nice, it always helps to have the support from others. Thanks guys!

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