A lot of my clients are building Facebook pages, and that is really a need these days. Social media integration is something that all businesses need to consider if they are wanting to increase trust and presence on and offline. So that is me basically saying if you haven’t started a Facebook page, and a Google + page then you better get on it!

So one of the features that has been frustrating for some, is the lack of being able to schedule posts onto a Facebook page, and not have to stress about it.  This feature is why Hootsuite has been so successful, and other programs like it.  If you haven’t heard of this tool before let me give you a quick rundown.

Hootsuite is a tool that allows you to connect all of your social media accounts into one place.  You can then schedule out various posts and status updates within their system and these updates will then be posted automatically for you.  You can also post images and video which makes your posts more engaging and interesting.  Cool eh? One other nice thing is if you are a single entity their basic account is free! So head over to their site and check them out if you are interested.

Now, one thing though that is interesting is that in the last few weeks Facebook has rolled out this feature within your page itself! Which can be very handy if you are in a rush, or are not wanting to mess with some other program like Hootsuite that you just don’t have time for.  So now, what is great is how you can post updates weeks in advance, or in the past, to keep your fans updated on what kinds of things are going on in your company, etc.

It’s fairly simple to use as you can see in this picture:

Simple eh? I know! It’s great! and gets me excited! As always let me know if you have questions or thoughts. They are always appreciated!

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